SaniJet Duct Fogging System

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SaniJet Duct Fogging System

Next-Generation Duct Fogging System

  • RamAir BioStat -Microbiostatic Agent – 1 concentrated gallon Included  (More Info)
  • 90% more effective than old-style duct foggers.
  • Full 360° coverage.
  • Anodized aircraft aluminum canister.
  • 20’ hose is fiber reinforced nylon with polyurethane coating, the perfect combination of rigidity/flexibility to glide through ducting, around corners without curling or binding.
  • Beautiful custom molded, high-density polyethylene case included.
  • Duct sanitization is the most profitable add-on service in the industry.

SaniJet Duct Fogging System

For decades, the only method of applying sanitizer to the inside of a duct system required blasting the chemical through the ducts, resulting in most of the chemical fog flooding the entire interior of the dwelling. RamAir’s patented SaniJet solves this problem, coating the duct walls thoroughly and evenly, with 100% of the sanitizer going where it should, where it shouldn’t. SaniJet is truly next generation duct sanitization.

The SaniJet Duct Fogging System can be used to apply (fog) Bio-Fresh cd into duct-work or other ventilating systems.

The SaniJet Duct Fogging System is made of a one-piece, seamless heavy-duty copolymer. It uses a 48˝ flexible hose to facilitate application into duct-work, and it is adjustable from 0–18 oz. per minute with particle sizes up to 80 microns. It is an ideal instrument for dispensing SaniJet Duct Fogging System into enclosed ventilating duct-work for disinfecting the interior surfaces.

Microbiostatic agent- EPA approved for ducts

Fully approved by the EPA for use in HVAC systems, SaniJet BioStat is effective against SaniJet Duct Fogging Systembacteria, fungi, mold & mildew. Premixed in an isopropyl alcohol base, BioStat dries almost instantly on contact, providing a long term biostatic layer of protection. BioStat is the perfect pairing with RamAir’s SaniJet Portable Duct Fogging System.

“Safe & effective against bacteria, fungi, mold & mildew.”

100% EPA approved for use in HVAC duct systems. Forms a highly effective dust repellent barrier. Provides long-term antimicrobial protection &
odor control.

Safe to apply, and safe for occupants. Dries almost instantly on contact.
Pairs perfectly with RamAir’s SaniJet Portable Duct
Fogging System.