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RamAir: Revolutionary Duct Cleaning System

The RamAir duct cleaning system provides a brushless WOW factor for your clients. Founder/President David Hart developed the RamAir system in 2007 after working in the carpet & duct cleaning industry for 24 years. Immediately RamAir was met with national interest, receiving rave reviews from engineers and industry professionals. Today RamAir International is the fastest growing duct cleaning system manufacturer in the world, with systems being sold in nearly all major countries around the globe. Be sure to check out their complete line of products at RamAir International, Inc

RamAir Experience Highlight Reel

Most Powerful Ozone Generator In Its Class

OzoGen 10kV – The perfect ozone generator for any business that needs to quickly, effectively and permanently remove odors such as smoke, mildew, pet smells, etc.

Introducing the revolutionary new SaniJet

Next-Generation Duct Fogging System

RamAir’s Duct Whip

With it’s patented SofTip design, RamAir’s new duct cleaning whip adds the cleaning power of physical agitation without damaging flex duct like brushes and competitors’ whips.

RamAir’s FlexJet self-propels itself through the ducts.

One of our latest innovations, the FlexJet, propels itself through the ducts. The FlexJet’s slim, flexible, self-propelling design will go places no other duct cleaning accessory will.

Watch the RamAir Television Commercial

Guarantee Duct Cleaning, Oregon’s leading duct cleaning company (owned and operated by RamAir Founder David Hart) regularly airs the following TV commercial, yielding an amazing response from viewers. Every RamAir duct cleaning package comes with a complete marketing kit… FREE.

Cleaning Ceiling Ducts

Cleaning ceiling ducts with a brush system is difficult, time consuming and laborious, even for two people. Cleaning ceiling ducts is now a simple, one-person operation with the RamAir System, and the use of a Zip Pole.

Dryer Duct Cleaning

The RamAir system is perfect for cleaning dryer ducts, a service that is in high demand, takes less than 5 minutes to perform, and brings in $90 – $120 per job.