RamAir Customer Testimonials


RamAir has great customer service!

I’ve been using the RamAir Duct Cleaning System for 3 years. It has generated a substantial 
additional income stream

into the business. I love that it can be combined with my carpet cleaning equipment, allowing me to diversify the services we offer.

The RamAir system is much easier to use; for example, you don’t have to cut into any of the ducting like with other duct cleaning systems.

To top it all off, RamAir has great customer service!

Dan Baxter, Owner – DKB Restoration, WA

RamAir Customer Testimonials

RamAir secures the most innovative technology

“Securing the most innovative technology, manufactured by RamAir International, helps us to perform

RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALSour services efficiently with a no-hassle experience.

Steve Powell, Owner – Impruvair Duct Cleaning

My customers are so impressed!

“I recently purchased the RamAir Platinum Duct Cleaning Package, and so far I love it. RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALSMy customers are so impressed that they can actually see the dust that’s being removed, they even say: “I need to have this done more often”.

Everyone I have talked with at RamAir has been very nice, and always quick to return my call and reply to my emails. I truly feel that they want me to succeed, and are happy to help me do that any way they can.

Phillip Robinson, Owner – Vent Cleaning Solutions And Services

I now have a thriving duct cleaning division

“I just wanted to reach out to the team at RamAir International to let you know how satisfied I have been with my duct cleaning system.

I own a carpet cleaning company, and wanted to add another service to my company. Duct cleaning seemed the most lucrative, so I began researching the equipment available. I read some great things about the RamAir system; after a modest investment (my brother loaned me the money), I now have a thriving duct cleaning division in my company.

In over 7 years I’ve needed replacement of some minor accessories only twice, and the staff at RamAir was wonderful with whom to work; the supplies were shipped to me right away.

I strongly feel that anybody interested in the duct cleaning industry call RamAir, you will be happy you did.

Scott P Kaun, Owner – Carpets Elite, WI

RamAir is foolproof and works like a charm

My Business- Heaven’s Best which services Catawba and Lincoln County, North RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALSCarolina, has been using the RamAir System for about 1.5 years. The system is foolproof and works like a charm!

I purchased another small truck to use for my duct and dryer vent cleaning. After 3 months I paid for the equipment and truck. My only regret is that I did not purchase it sooner!

If you’re considering getting into duct cleaning, the RamAir System is a no brainer.

Frank Coletto, Owner – Heaven’s Best Carpet Services, LLC

My customers love the RamAir system

“My customers have loved the addition of RamAir’s Duct Cleaning System to our servicRAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALSes.
RamAir’s CEO David Hart has been a joy with whom to work. I highly recommend RamAir. “
Stephen Roach, Owner – Drake Window Cleaners, NC

User-friendly and does a fantastic job!

“I wanted to add extra income to my carpet cleaning company, and heard that duct cleaning was a good way to do it. I purchased the RamAir system and was pleasantly surprised at how SIMPLE it is to use! Very user-friendly, and does a FANTASTIC job! So far I have performed two duct cleaning jobs with my RamAir system, and feel like a seasoned pro.”

James Cope – Cope Complete Floorcare LLC, Danville, KY

RamAir gives me the edge I need

“I have been in the carpet & duct cleaning business since 2000. Since then I’ve tried RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALSevery duct cleaning technique available. Nothing compares to the RamAir system. I used to dread it when customers would stand over my shoulder and watch me shove coarse, spinning brushes and whips into their ducts, but now I ask if they’d like to come see how much dust and debris is coming out of their ducts!
The RamAir system gives me the edge I need, knowing I will be able to out-clean all of my competitors. My customers can literally see how they are getting their money’s worth.”
Brandon Cerrito – Owner/Operator, Carpet Rx Louisville, KY

I love my RamAir system

“I love my RamAir system! Despite having no experience in duct cleaning, the RamAir RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALSsystem is so simple to use I was cleaning ducts right away like a seasoned pro. My very first day I cleaned the ducts in a customer’s home; they were so impressed, they called 3 of their neighbors and raved about the job I did. Within minutes, I was cleaning theirs too at $400/ea. I made $1,600 my first day with the RamAir system! This year I will easily generate 6 figures from duct cleaning. If you’re on the fence about buying a RamAir system, just do it. You won’t be disappointed.”
Ed Cabral – Owner/Operator, Healthy Home Services Cape Coral, FL

RamAir is fascinating to watch

“The guys from the cleaning service did a great job on the carpets, but it was the air duct RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALScleaning that really made the difference in the air quality in the home. The RamAir duct cleaning system they utilized was pretty fascinating to watch as they worked. Sooooo much stuff came up out of the air ducts. At the end of it all, they sanitized the register covers and ducts. After they’d packed up and moved on to the next lucky homeowner, the house smelled like it was new again. No more menagerie odor!”
Kansas City, MO – Augustine Services

A very positive experience

“Having our office ducts cleaned with the RamAir system was a very positive experience… RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALSno dust escaped into the building during the cleaning, and we’ve noticed an extraordinary difference in our air-quality.
Nancy P. Walter, Manager – AAA Headquarters

NFL quarterback legend breathes easier

“Great Job! We had our ducts cleaned while away on vacation in Mexico. Upon returning RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALShome, I immediately noticed how much cleaner the air in the home was! Thank you for doing such a great job!”
Drew Bledsoe – NFL Quarterback

RamAir has doubled our revenue

“Since the introduction of the RamAir system into our business, our annual revenue has RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALSdoubled.”
Raymond Mott – Mott’s Carpet Cleaning Banks, OR

We are now equipping our fleet with RamAir

“We love our RamAir system so much, we are now equipping our fleet with RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALSthem!”
Portland/Vancouver Metro Area – Earth Care

Industry icon applauds RamAir

“I believe that the widespread implementation of the RamAir system into the cleaning RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALSand restorative industry will significantly expand consumer awareness about how much dirt and debris resides in their duct systems, and will expand service opportunities for both the cleaning contractor and the duct cleaning specialist.”
John Carter, Owner – CRS Interlink Supply

RamAir took us to the next level

“We are very pleased with our RamAir system. Despite having no experience in duct RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALScleaning, it was extremely easy to learn and is the simplest service we provide. We’ve been cleaning carpets for two years, and after only six months, duct cleaning now brings in half our income! Our RamAir system is so effective and gentle on ducts, that the largest duct cleaning company in the area (which uses a rotary brush system) turns over all of their jobs with flex ducting to us! We are actually getting referrals from our competitor!RamAir has helped take our cleaning business to the next level.
Quinn Morano – Advanced Cleaning Solutions

RamAir is an incredible revenue generator

“I was impressed with my RamAir system the minute I took it out of the box. EverytRAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALShing came assembled and ready to go. And talk about professional look and feel! So easy to learn, I felt completely confident the very first time I used it. Along with its simplicity, it also does the job quickly. I’m performing $300-$400 cleaning jobs in an hour! (other duct cleaning systems took 3-4 times longer).
My RamAir is an incredible revenue generator, payed for itself in no time at all. It advertises itself, as referrals stream in from clients who are so excited to watch all the dust & debris come out of their ducts through the clear vacuum box. My customer satisfaction is at an amazing 100%.”
Terrence Schabilian – Triad Restoration Services

RamAir reinvented the duct cleaning industry

RamAir Duct Cleaning is the preferred and approved system recommended RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALSby National Ozone Association. This system is the latest and best of the duct cleaning systems. We have done substantial research to find the one system that stands out for the design and environmental value that we can recommend, and RamAir is the system we suggest as a tremendous add-on business. This system is easy to use, highly effective, and affordable. No home or building will enjoy fresh air without clean duct work.

RamAir literally reinvented the duct cleaning industry by designing a product that outclasses the typical brush systems. These portable units make duct cleaning the perfect add-on or stand-alone business. The process is easy to use, profitable, and portable. There is no need for an expensive specialty truck. This system is light years ahead of the competition, and offers affordable equipment.

The entry cost is far below what other systems require, and this is due in part because RamAir has figured a better way to clean ducts that actually does a better job. And, the training is included with the package. There is even a 24 hr support phone support program.

Additionally, the RamAir’s new patent-pending SaniJet system is a sanitizing system that allows the use of our BioZone Protectant. The trio of services is very powerful, and it raises the real profit of any job. The combination is a truly synergetic system.”

Mark Tipton, CEO – National Ozone Association

SaniJet is a breath of fresh air

“Having owned and operated Accurate Mold Testing & Remediation in Oregon for 30 years, I’m well aware of how important it is to sanitize the duct system in homes and businesses for a variety of reasons. Bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi & yeasts are all commonplace in duct systems. In fact, there are more reasons to sanitize duct systems than to not.

Since the heating/cooling duct system is recirculating the air the residents breathe, it’s a good idea to make sure all duct systems are sanitized periodically. I’ve always felt the conventional duct fogger fails to effectively sanitize ducts, but since it’s been the only method available to professionals, the industry has settled for its inadequacy.

The SaniJet is a breath of fresh air- literally. It makes complete sense. Where the conventional fogger fails in virtually every way, SaniJet effectively does the job with flying colors. Finally professionals in the cleaning and remediation industry can have a piece of equipment in their arsenal that can provide duct sanitization so effectively that they can be proud of the job they provide”

Jim Hartley, President – Accurate Mold Testing & Remediation, LLC

I’m very excited about my RamAir System

“After watching and following RamAir’s innovations for 2 years, I decided to purchase aRAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS package for myself. Being an established carpet cleaner, I knew full well how high in demand duct cleaning is, and how the service goes hand-in-hand with carpet cleaning. My customers care about the cleanliness of their home, and while I’m already there cleaning their carpets- is a perfect time to upsell the duct cleaning service, doubling or tripling the job ticket.
The black line that runs along the edges of the carpet (perimeter filtration staining) is a direct result of dirty ducts, making the upsell even easier once I point it out to the homeowner. I’m very excited about my RamAir System, and look forward to substantially increasing my annual profit margin”
Kenny Keyes, Owner – Carpet Savers Carpet Cleaning, Reseda, CA
RamAir is the best investment we’ve ever made
“RamAir has been the greatest single investment we have ever made in business. It has RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALSmore then doubled our revenue, opened up doors to more clients, and has provided an increase of business during our Midwest winter months. The equipment easily fits in our vans, it’s easy to learn how to use, and has dramatically changed our business.
The Customer support has been outstanding and I strongly recommend spending a few minutes talking to them if you are considering air duct cleaning as part of your business.
Dan Coffill, Owner – EP Health Logan, OH

The OzoGen 10kV you sold me kicks ass

“I just wanted to follow up and let you know that the OzoGen 10kV you sold me kicks ass! It puts out a ton of ozone. Great product and a good value, an excellent investment!”

Kevin West – Owner – 541 Building and Restoration, Bend, OR

Excellent- worth the investment!

“I have had the pleasure of having ozone used in the homes I manage when Dave would RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALScome to the rescue.
Now that I bought an OzoGen 10kV, I don’t have to wait on Dave, even though he is “Davey on the spot!”.
Does an excellent job! Worth the investment!”
Victoria Smith – Founder/CEO – Alpenglow Vacation Rentals, Bend, OR

Our clients love the RamAir system

“We have been using the RamAir system to service our clients for about 1 1/2 years now.RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS The system is incredibly efficient and easy to use. In fact it is so easy to use that my employees are fully trained and able to use the system on their own after watching the five minute training video and helping with a duct cleaning just one time!

Our clients love the RamAir system as well. We have received a number of testimonials from thrilled clients and have never been called back for a redo!

The RamAir system is also safe to use and has never caused damage to duct work. Because the RamAir system is so efficient and easy to use, it is also very profitable. The profit per hour is often much higher than carpet cleaning and especially when adding on sanitizing service using the RamAir SaniJet system.”

Chris Sutton, President – Carpet MD Inc.

Highly recommend RamAir

“I’m impressed with the professionalism of both the RAMAIR customer service and the RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALSequipment. Learning to use the product was simple and every question I had was quickly answered.
Would highly recommend to those who want a fast, effective system to use.”
Adam Rebling, Owner – Midtown Chimney Sweeps of Iowa

Game-changer for the remediation industry

“As a project manager at Servicemaster Recovery Specialists, I know very well the RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALSimportance of proper ozone treatment in disaster remediation. Because of the essential role ozone treatment plays in the odor removal and sanitization process, it’s crucial that we have only the most powerful, highest quality and dependable generators available.”

“OzoGen 10kV ozone generators are our “go-to” units.”

Their power-to-size is extraordinary, having a considerably higher output than any other generator we’ve ever used. Compact, incredibly powerful and aesthetically beautiful, the OzoGen 10kV ozone generator is a game-changer for the remediation industry.”

Melissa Atkinson, Project Manager – ServiceMaster Restoration

Easy and simple to use

“David, thank you for taking my call earlier; I just wanted to follow-up and let you know RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALShow much we love the RamAir duct cleaning system.

We used to use a competing brand but that was not the best experience for us. After finding the RamAir system, that all changed as it it is so easy and simple to use.

One of the great benefits is being able to see all the “junk” being vacuumed out through the clear, illuminated vacuum box. Our duct cleaning tech is booked out into December because we can deliver a really good duct cleaning service at a great price.”

Britton Brink, CEO – Lynden Sheet Metal, Inc.

RamAir is the easiest and most efficient

“Hello, my name is Tony Soto- owner of A Plus Carpet and Air Ducts. I have been RAMAIR CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALScleaning air ducts for 18 years, and have used many different types of duct cleaning equipment.
The RamAir System is by far the easiest and most efficient at cleaning ducts that I have ever used. My customers are always excited when they see the dust and debris coming out of their ducts!”
Tony and Carrie Soto, Owner – A Plus Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning
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RamAir Customer Testimonials
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