Compressed Air Duct Cleaning System

The RamAir Compressed Air Duct Cleaning System provides high velocity air and random action whipping from a series of compressed air heads to make cleaning ducts easy and uniform. The RamAir Compressed Air Duct Cleaning System is built around the The RamAir Air Duct Cleaning System, a 3/8″ braided tubing cut to length, complete with a hand trigger and quick connect fitting. The RamAir Duct Cleaning System can make light of the work your technicians do, as well as the tooling they carry. The RamAir  Air Duct Cleaning System come assembled in stock lengths of 20′ and 30′, making the reach down most branch and trunk lines a single motion action. The System is cored with a Spring-Steel line to provide the rigidity needed to push through long runs, but also provides the flexibility to snake through corners. For extensive long runs through straight duct, 5′ Rigid Rods are available for the Hurricane System.

RamAir manufactures and offers a full line of air tools and air cleaning systems for the proper agitation and cleaning of all types of duct work. Our quick connect cleaning systems provide a fast and easy way to interchange a variety of air blast whips and nozzles.