Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Company

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Company

RamAir International Inc. is an Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Company & has sold thousands of duct cleaning equipment over the last six years; in every state of the country and several foreign countries- including: Canada, Australia, England, Africa, Japan, Dubai, and more.

A quick internet search of “RamAir duct cleaning Equipment” will flood the monitor with literally hundreds of websites featuring successful companies proudly displaying the RamAir logo, pictures & videos showcasing the effectiveness of their duct cleaning, and text boasting that they “proudly use the RamAir equipment.” You will be hard-pressed to find a website from a cleaning company even mentioning any other duct cleaning product.

Since its beginning, RamAir has continued to design and manufacture the most effective and user-friendly duct cleaning system in the world, and retains “Best customer satisfaction over all other duct cleaning systems combined.”

“Best customer satisfaction over all other duct cleaning equipment company.”

If you want the duct cleaning system that’s the fastest to learn, easiest to use, virtually indestructible, gets the job done quickly and effectively, and virtually ensures repeat/referral business by way of it’s unequaled WOW factor, there is only one choice.

The RamAir Duct Cleaning Equipment Company

The RamAir duct cleaning equipment is the first and only duct cleaning system that allows the homeowner and technician to see the dust and debris as it is being removed. Our clients quickly see an increase in profits by using the most efficient, easy-to-use duct-cleaning system on the market. The company’s patent pending, RamAir ClearView Duct Cleaning Equipment provides individuals and organizations the ability to save time and make more money with a single integrated solution.

Dryer Duct Cleaning Equipment & Tools

Dryer Duct Cleaning Equipment & Tools
Consumer Items Security Commission estimates that there are an estimated 15,500 Fires, 10 deaths, and 310 injuries related with clothes dryer fires just about every year. CPSC also estimates over $84,000,000 in house harm every year consequently of clothes dryer fires.

Are you supplying dryer duct cleaning equipment as  a component of your each day business enterprise? If not, you are missing out on a really profitable add-on to your duct cleaning company; or do dryer duct cleaning as a stand-alone organization. We supply all the equipment you may need to provide a professional, thorough cleaning of residential and industrial dryer ducts.

Our new RamAir Duct Cleaning Equipment with all the Dryer Air  assembly may be the excellent package to clean a dryer vent system in residential and tiny industrial locations. This method provides you essentially the most advanced and potent tools available to provide this service. The strong suction of our CYCLONIC POWERVAC vacuum system with 4 motors assists assure that no lint is going to be left behind within a appropriately performed cleaning. The safe/aggressive nature from the brush helps assure all debris is removed in the walls in the dryer duct without having causing any harm.

For bigger industrial systems, RamAir can provide technical assistance and other gear options to clean these systems. Like any other equipment we present, cost-free technical assistance is offered FOREVER.

Common indicators of dryer difficulties are:

It requires greater than a single cycle to dry clothing.
The dryer vent flapper
will not open when the dryer is turned on.
clothing that come out of the dryer are hotter than typical.
Final results of a adequately cleaned dryer vent:

Enhanced airflow will reduce drying time.
costs is going to be significantly less.
The life
with the dryer might be extended.
Frequency of repairs
should be lowered.
Clothing will dry at decrease temperatures and in less time. This will enable to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on clothing, hence extending their life.
Peace of mind that there is one particular significantly less danger of fire within the household.
Whilst pricing varies about the country, we obtain most organizations are charging amongst $175 and $500 for any normal residential dryer duct cleaning as a stand-alone service. When provided at the very same time air duct cleaning is getting completed, it seems to run inside the $40.00 to $100.00 range. As a rule, cleaning of a dryer vent will take from 30-60 minutes. Even at $75 for every single dryer vent and carrying out five per day to get a year that’s a gross earnings of pretty much $100,000 a year with really small expense soon after the equipment is paid for.

Or, if you’re carrying out 2 duct cleaning jobs a day and sell it as an add-on service for only $60.00 – that is an added $600 a week or over $30,000 a year in further income. Even when you only sell half of your jobs a dryer duct cleaning, I’m positive every person can find a way to spend, save, or invest an further $15,000 a year.

No matter how you do the math, if you are not supplying dryer vent cleaning, a small investment in equipment can bring back a fast and ongoing return in your investment. To not mention that you are giving your customers with a reputable, necessary service most home owners do not even think of until the dryer fails – or worse yet, a disaster strikes.

Contact us now for each of the details and pricing of our PLATINUM DUCT CLEANING PACKAGE and associated accessories for the dryer duct cleaning company.

Expand Into Duct Cleaning

Expand Into Duct Cleaning

December 2013

The weather outside is frightful but duct cleaning makes it less painful for the carpet cleaning industry.

Author: David Hart

The weather is either cold or getting colder and, for most companies, this means a major slowdown in carpet cleaning.

This, however, does not have to mean that business has to slow down! In fact, with very little investment and training, you very well may find yourself generating more revenue this winter than you ever thought possible. Winter slowdown of carpet cleaning (except in the most southern, warmer states) is a given. But that is when the duct cleaning business truly experiences growth. With home furnaces running and recirculating all the dust and debris that has collected in the ductwork, it is a perfect time to promote your duct cleaning services. Duct cleaning is an add-on service that has been of interest to carpet cleaners for decades. Profit potential and industry parallels (homeowners who are conscientious about the cleanliness of their carpets are good candidates to become duct cleaning clients as well have prompted carpet cleaners to add duct cleaning to their service menu.

Wide-open market

A simple Google or Yellow Pages search of your area will reveal that there are a fraction of duct cleaners compared to carpet cleaners. And, with an elevated level of interest in indoor air quality, more and more homeowners, builders and small business owners are turning to duct cleaning professionals to get their dirty ducts cleaned. If you have built a client base with carpet cleaning, you have a perfect opportunity to promote your duct cleaning services. A letter or post card to your existing clientele is an easy, effective way to successfully advertise your duct cleaning. Offering duct cleaning to your clients during a carpet cleaning appointment is also a very effective marketing strategy, as you can easily give them a quote for getting their ducts cleaned right then and there. And, figuring that you carry your duct cleaning equipment in your carpet cleaning van you can very easily double or triple the invoice during that appointment. Home builders, real estate agents and home inspectors are great sources for referrals. Many builders are now having the ducts cleaned as soon as they finish building a home. Heating and cooling installation companies in your area can be a valuable resource for referrals, as well. Our company has made a habit of providing a free duct cleaning for the owner or manager of such companies in order to show them the quality of our work and in the process, we have been repaid many times over with referrals from these individuals and their companies.

How difficult is duct cleaning?

Many carpet cleaners, although confident in their carpet and upholstery cleaning abilities, find themselves reluctant to learn how to perform a new service. The truth is that duct cleaning provided you have good equipment couldn’t be simpler. By loosening the dust and debris in the ductwork with an agitation device (compressed air blast ball, brushes or whips) and providing a vacuum system to remove the loosened debris, duct cleaning is a very easy procedure to learn and perform. Recently, there have been some exciting breakthroughs in duct cleaning, with the focus toward making duct cleaning readily available for carpet cleaners.

How profitable is duct cleaning?

Along with being very easy to learn and perform, duct cleaning can be extremely profitable, yielding $250 or more per hour. For example, a medium sized house with 14 supply registers and two cold air returns will yield about $465. A house this size, being cleaned with a modern duct cleaning system available to carpet cleaners, will take around 1½ hours for a single operator, and 1 hour for a team of two. This equates to between $310 and $465 per hour! Just as a stain guard application is an easy, profitable add-on to carpet cleaning, dryer duct cleaning can be a very simple, lucrative service to offer as well. With profits ranging from $45-$90 (and taking 5-10 minutes to perform), asking your client if they would like their dryer duct cleaned is a very worthwhile question to ask! “Free dryer duct cleaning; a $90 value, when you schedule a home duct cleaning” is also a very attractive pitch in your advertising.

Winter opportunities

With the winter months being the “busy season” for duct cleaning, carpet cleaners can enjoy full schedule bookings year-round by adding duct cleaning to their menu. With very minimal monetary and time investment, you can be up and running in the duct cleaning business, earning impressive profits.


David W. Hart, founder and CEO of RamAir Industries, is a 25-year veteran in the carpet and duct cleaning industry. He invented the RamAir ClearView Duct Cleaning System, which is now available for purchase in more than 500 locations in five countries. He also owns and runs Guarantee Cleaning Services, Inc. in Bend, OR. Visit his websites at and


RamAir Unveils Powerful New OzoGen

RamAir Unveils Powerful New OzoGen

November 4, 2015

BEND, OR — RamAir International Inc. recently released its new OzoGen 10kV high-output ozone generator, according to a press release.

The company reports the OzoGen 10kV generates ozone six to 10 times faster than other ozone generators and is the most powerful ozone generator in its class despite weighing only 10 pounds.

RamAir’s new generator, which is about the size of a loaf of bread, offers 16 grams per hour output.

“OzoGen’s power to size is extraordinary, having a considerably higher output than any other generator we’ve ever used,” ServiceMaster Restoration Project Manager Melissa Aktinson said in the release. “Compact, incredibly powerful and aesthetically beautiful, the OzoGen 10kV ozone generator is a game-changer for the remediation industry.”

For an article on duct cleaning after a crime scene cleanup by RamAir International CEO and founder David Hart, CLICK HERE to read “Working with Dead Bodies” from November 2014.

In the article, Hart writes about duct cleaning with ozone:

While the ozone generator is operating, each entrance to the dwelling must be clearly marked with “Ozone — Do Not Enter” signs, as it’s a biologically hazardous gas while in its active form.

The beauty of ozone is two-fold:

– It is a very powerful sanitizer and odor neutralizer, which destroys fungus, bacteria, mold, etc.
– After it’s generated, its half-life is very short, converting back to oxygen in a short amount of time and leaving no residue or toxic trace.