How to Make a Living in the Indoor Air Quality Industry

How to Make a Living inside the Indoor Air Quality Industry

Air Duct Cleaning?
Air duct cleaning
can be a full scale cleanse of ventilation systems and ducts involved inside your central air systems and any other ventilation systems. Dryer vent cleaning is an significant job to think about carrying out as well. In case your dryer duct becomes riddled with lint it becomes a fire hazard and is potentially risky to each you as well as your loved ones. Expert cleaners will have the correct dryer duct cleaning equipment to acquire the job carried out and get it carried out well.

In accordance with the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, a 6 room home on average collects about 40 pounds of dust each year! That dust consists of millions of dust mites which can carry or supply host to a slew of distinctive bacteria, fungi, and mold. This isn’t anything you likely wanted to hear. The central air you use to heat and cool your home is going by way of these vents and it is actually estimated by the EPA that indoor air is often anywhere from two to five much more instances polluted than outdoors air. Apart from the adverse well being dangers, this can also make for your bills to be significantly greater. In the event the technique is also clogged to operate at its greatest, it is going to have to work with up a lot more energy to achieve precisely the same jobs.

DIY vs. Qualified Air Duct Cleaning
Less expensive
Can get
adequate cleaned to produce a distinction
to complete your individual air duct cleaning might be less expensive if performed with simpler tools as opposed to paying in between $500 and $1000 dollars for the specialists to deal with it. It will likely be good to understand that even with simple hand tools and a new furnace filter, you’ll be able to take away as a lot as 80% of dust and pollutants removed!

Will not be capable of attain some places without having right equipment
lengthy and tedious approach
Air duct cleaning
equipment is expensive
The downside to a DIY air duct cleaning
is that devoid of appropriate gear, there are some locations that you won’t be capable of reach with uncomplicated hand tools. It might also be a tricky method like the time it takes to discover how you can do it and truly doing it. Once you opt to accomplish the entire point yourself, it is entirely probable that you might break a thing and end up costing oneself more cash than it would have expense to simply have it carried out professionally.

Even so, when you are nevertheless geared up and able to do it on your own right here are some of the things you’ll need:

New Furnace Filter
Vacuum(“Shop Vac” preferably)
Brush(stiff bristled)
right sort to take off vents)
Paper Towels
Cleaning your air ducts
on your own is a lengthy process. When you want to know extra about DIY air duct cleaning you’ll be able to go here for much more information.

Air Duct Cleaning Business
Air duct cleaning technicians make about $14.00 an hour
depending on the national typical as of June 2017. It truly is a somewhat modest industry with much room for expansion and relatively low barriers to entry. When you wanted to begin your very own air duct cleaning service you might quickly enter the marketplace and not have to be concerned too much about competitors. It is not all fun and games even though so be conscious of higher expenses involved.

This small business might have low competition, but finding into the marketplace can be far more pricey than it really is useful. As far as training goes you might have a handful of alternatives. You are able to work under an seasoned air duct cleaner, take a six-month course for standard certification, or even get a two-year associate’s degree at a college. It’s also advised by the EPA to employ cleaners from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association Registry. As a way to be listed on their registry you’ve to take a $395 course with all the NADCA, and spend the annual membership charge of $825.

The rates described above only get you exactly where you need to become when it comes to specifications. You still require to purchase the proper equipment which can run you anyplace from $1000 to $7000 dollars. If you truly want the correct gear it’s going to be closer to the $7000 figure. This would consist of a portable vacuum program with cameras, adverse air machine, and any preferred air duct cleaning accessories. This is a seriously terrific investment so as to guarantee a completely thorough job. Any air that has been contaminated needs to be removed safely soon after cleaning, which is often accomplished together with the particular vacuum effect unfavorable air machines will present you.

Alternatives to Opening Your very own Air Duct Cleaning Small business
Immediately after all of those startup expenses and costs, you need to become positive you are able to effectively industry your self to men and women in the location you are looking to present service. This could be a tricky course of action, specifically for anything that is not very well-known but. However, you can find other selections that may be a safer bet should you feel this really is a lot of cash or too much operate.

There is the selection of getting involved within a franchised small business, a lot like a person would do if they wanted to open a Quiznos. The nice component about opening a franchise is that loads of the legwork involving a new organization is clear reduce and the small business comes using a prior reputation. This implies it will likely be considerably easier to marketplace your self to buyers for those who are a a part of a large name business within the industry. Moreover, in case you make a decision to operate using a franchised enterprise you are going to be able to get really certain training as to how things require to be completed.

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment & Supplies

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment & Supplies

RamAir International, Inc. manufactures and distributes a complete line of air duct cleaning equipment and supplies for the cleaning of HVAC systems and ductwork. RamAir International, Inc. is a proud member of NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) and provides equipment and tools for the proper source removal method of cleaning both residential and commercial air duct systems. RamAir International, Inc. manufactures both gas powered and portable HEPA Filtration electric vacuum systems as well as a complete packages, training and support for this growing and profitable industry. Turn to RamAir International, Inc. for all of your duct cleaning equipment needs.


RamAir-Restoration Industry Association membership certificate (RIA)

RamAir is a member of the Restoration Industry Association!

The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) is the oldest and largest trade association representing the restoration and reconstruction industry with over 1,100 member firms worldwide. RIA serves and represents the interests of its members by promoting the highest ethical standards; providing education, professional qualification and certification opportunities; positively influencing regulations and governmental actions; and advancing the safety, image, efficiency, and competitiveness of industry members.


The Restoration Industry Association is the oldest and largest non-profit, professional trade association dedicated to providing leadership and promoting best practices through advocacy, standards & professional qualifications for the restoration industry.

Representing over 20,000 cleaning and restoration professionals from 1,100 member firms specializing in textiles, environmental issues, and restoration; RIA provides credibility, education and business improvement events to maximize industry exposure and advance knowledge in the cleaning and restoration industry. With an extensive network of professionals working towards similar goals, RIA has become a trusted resource of knowledge for those involved in cleaning and restoration.

Contact us to broaden your business opportunities, strengthen your training programs and promote your professionalism to the industry and beyond.

As a member of RIA, we encourage you to expand your member benefits throughout your company. Every employee is entitled to receive member discounts and become involved with the association. Membership benefits extends to all branch locations too.  RIA exposes each location to the industry by listing your branches online as well as in our print directory.  See our Member Benefits Guide for more information.

Why RamAir Duct Cleaning Equipment?

Why must you have RamAir Duct Cleaning Equipment?

Most homes right now have air ducts to deliver hot and cold air from their HVAC unit. As you’ll be able to imagine, these ducts can be a haven for dust and other debris. It is important to maintain the ducts as clean as you possibly can. However, cleaning air ducts isn’t exactly a DIY project. You’ll be able to proactively clean the provide and return vents to try and prevent build-up inside the ducts. Accessing the internal air duct demands specific tools and understanding about the construction and sort of duct.

Why Clean Air Ducts Matter

Are you currently among the millions who suffer from allergies and/or asthma? If so, cleaning your ducts can be a no-brainer. Keeping this critical a part of your home’s infrastructure clean will aid hold symptoms at bay and in the end make you much more comfortable. Many believe that the house envelope prevents build-up within the duct technique, however the opposite is accurate! The air INSIDE your property might be worse that you’d prefer to believe.

Indicators of a Dirty Duct

If your property is very dry and dusty, and you will need to adjust your HVAC filter more than after a month, you may want to possess the ducts cleaned. For those who reside in a moist, humid atmosphere and see signs of mold or mildew (black spots) within your HVAC method, you in all probability need to clean your ducts.

Here are some good factors to clean your ducts:
You have pets that shed hair!
lately had huge areas of the residence painted or remodeled.
Your ceiling fans accumulate
an incredible deal of dust every single week.
Your eyes and/or throat are
normally itchy.

Cleaning your own ducts is really a challenge for many property owners. Think about hiring an expert who has high power vacuum systems with specialized hoses and tools, developed to complete a lot more superficially clean the duct.

Listed here are several far more factors you can do at house to keep your ducts as clean as you can:
Transform your HVAC filters each 30 days.
Vacuum the return filter grill
every single time you set up a new filter.
Dust, vacuum, and sweep
Don’t permit dust and debris to be pushed into the floor registers.

RamAir Air Duct Cleaning Machine-Hard at work!!

The NADCA recognizes 3 acceptable ways to agitate and clean ducts:

The NADCA recognizes 3 acceptable ways to agitate and clean ducts:

• Brushes

• Whips

• Air blast

The age-old method of cleaning ducts incorporated a combination of rotating brushes and negative air machines. The negative air machines are big, cumbersome air movers that pull air out of the ducts and into a large box or truck. There are two big problems with that archaic way of cleaning modern ducting. Decades ago, when ducts were made of sheetmetal, cleaning the ducts with cable-driven, rotating brushes was fine; but now, nearly all ducting is made of a thin plastic membrane known as ‘flex ducts’. When rotating brushes are used in these modern flex ducts, the powerfully-driven brushes pick up razor blades, screws, nails, staples and other sharp objects that are present in the ducts- left over from the construction of the home. These rotating brushes whip them around and absolutely shred the thin plastic ducting.

Secondly, In order to remove the loosened debris from the duct system these other duct cleaning systems use what are called “negative air machines”. These negative air machines are expensive, large, cumbersome “machines in a box”, trailer or truck. Using these obsolete cleaning systems, the technician turns off the air handler (furnace) in the home, then cuts a sizeable hole in the main duct and hooks up their negative air machine to pull air from the duct system, while agitating the inside of the ducts to dislodge dust and debris which is then sucked into the negative air machine.

These negative air machines are superfluous and unnecessary.

Every duct system has, in it’s ‘heart’, an air handler, which is itself, a massive air mover. With the RamAir system, rather than turning this powerful air mover off, the

air handler’s fan is turned on, which generates thousands of CFM of air movement- just like those big, expensive negative air machines.

The ducts are then agitated with the RamAir whip and air blast tools, while the powerful fan in the air handler blows the dislodged dust and debris toward the opening of the duct. As the debris exits the ducts, it passes through RamAir’s clear, illuminated vacuum box, so the homeowner can see all the debris as it’s being removed- leading to the “wow factor” in the cleaning- a benefit not present in any other duct cleaning system.

This wow factor leads to guaranteed customer satisfaction in the work you’re providing them, which leads to rave reviews and referrals. And since there is nothing about the RamAir system that damages the ducts, your customer is left with a clean, undamaged duct system. Your customer is confident that the job was done to completion, as they saw the debris being removed with their own eyes.

Low Risk, High Reward Duct Cleaning December 2013

Low Risk, High Reward Duct Cleaning

December 2013

By David Hart

What if I said you could potentially double or triple your profits on each job? Would you be interested?

How about if I told you that in the process, your clients would be even more satisfied with your services and your referral rate would skyrocket? Would I have your attention?

Over the last several years, I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with literally thousands of carpet cleaners who are enjoying the benefits that come from adding duct cleaning to their service menu.

While attending cleaning conventions like Connections in Las Vegas, I am consistently approached by people excited to tell me about how much more successful they have become by simply adding duct cleaning to their arsenal of services.

It’s true – with the right equipment (which can cost considerably less than you probably think), effective duct cleaning is very simple to learn and perform. There are no pH levels to monitor, no drying times, no colors/dyes to bleed, and, no matter what you do to them, ducts will never shrink. With duct cleaning, you’re basically taking a bunch of dirty tubes, and turning them into clean tubes – it’s not rocket science. With an awareness of the importance of indoor air quality heavily increasing on a national level, homeowners are seeking out this service like never before, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, duct cleaning is expected to continue to explode in the years to come.

Along with being very easy to learn and perform, duct cleaning can be extremely profitable, often yielding $250 or more per hour.

For example, a medium sized house with 14 supply registers and two cold air returns will yield about $465. A house this size, being cleaned with a modern duct cleaning system available to carpet cleaners, should take an hour and a half for a single operator or one-hour for a team of two. This equates to between $310 and $465 per hour!

Just as a stain guard application is an easy, profitable add-on to carpet cleaning, dryer duct cleaning can be a very simple, lucrative service to offer as well.

With profits ranging from $90-$120 (and taking 5-10 minutes to perform), asking your clients if they would like their dryer duct cleaned is a very worthwhile question to ask!

Free dryer duct cleaning – a $90 value, when you schedule a home carpet and/or duct cleaning is also a very attractive pitch in your advertising.

Okay, so duct cleaning is easy to do, and yields big profits, but how easy is it to market your duct cleaning service?

If you already have a customer base for carpet cleaning, you have a perfect opportunity to promote your duct cleaning service. A letter, postcard or e-mail to your existing clientele is an easy, super-effective way to successfully advertise your duct cleaning.

Offering duct cleaning to your clients during appointments is also a very effective marketing strategy – and it doesn’t cost a dime. You can easily give them a quote for getting their ducts cleaned right then and there. And being that you carry your duct cleaning equipment in your carpet cleaning vehicle, you can very easily double or triple (or more) the invoice during that appointment.

Home builders, real estate agents and home inspectors are great sources for referrals. Many builders are now having the ducts cleaned as soon as they finish building a home. Heating and cooling installation companies in your area can be a valuable resource for referrals as well.

Our company has made a habit of providing a free duct cleaning for the owner or manager of such companies in order to show them the quality of our work – and in the process, we have been repaid many times over with referrals from these individuals and their companies.

In short, duct cleaning, with its low start-up cost and extremely high profit potential, may be just what you need to take your cleaning business to the next level.

So the next time you write up an invoice for a carpet cleaning client, pause and look at the bill’s total. Then, in your mind, double or triple the dollar amount and ask yourself: What am I waiting for?”

Cleanfax Article March 2014

Cleanfax Article March 2014

March 2014

Author: David Hart

Duct cleaning is a sector of the cleaning industry that has, in recent years, shown to be growing exponentially with no signs of slowing down. Industry experts agree that duct cleaning is a business that is expected to continue to explode far into the future.

While other cleaning industries are experiencing a downward shift in annual revenue, duct cleaning is growing at a fantastic rate. In fact, studies show that the duct cleaning industry is growing at a rate 16 times faster than carpet cleaning.

This is huge, especially considering that there is often only one duct cleaning company per literally hundreds of carpet cleaners in a given area. With the over-saturated carpet cleaning industry and the comparatively under-saturated duct cleaning industries both grossing relatively equal revenue, (around $4 billion annually), it’s easy to see how extremely profitable the duct cleaning industry is. In fact, duct cleaning is called by many industry experts: “The most profitable cleaning business to own.”

Now I’m not proposing everybody quit their carpet cleaning companies and start up a duct cleaning business- far from it! In fact, part of the beauty of duct cleaning is that it pairs so well with carpet cleaning. The two are like peas and carrots. One feeds the other. They can easily be performed separately or during the same appointment. Offering your customer a small discount for having both services performed at the same time is a very effective marketing strategy, and will usually double your job ticket.

A great way to solicit your duct cleaning services to a homeowner when you arrive to clean their carpets, is to carry a small media device (portable DVD player, iPad, laptop, etc.) and ask them to watch a short video featuring the duct cleaning service you provide, while you set up your carpet cleaning equipment. Most customers are happy to watch the video, and more often than not, they’re asking you for a quote before your wand hits the carpet. The carpet/duct cleaning package discount is often accepted without hesitation. In our carpet/duct cleaning business, this method has proven to be invaluable.

Another great marketing strategy which can set you apart from your competition is to offer free dryer duct cleaning with the cleaning of the heating/cooling ducts. Point out in your ad what your normal charge for dryer duct cleaning is (average is $90 – $120), and you now have a very valuable (yet quick and easy to perform) incentive for hiring you instead of your competitors.

In short, duct cleaning is a very open market which is very high in demand. By adding duct cleaning to your service menu, you can enjoy offering a service that’s easy to learn, fun to perform, and will almost inevitably increase your revenue substantially.

Have a great and profitable 2014!


David Hart is the founder and president of RamAir International, designers, manufacturers and distributors of the revolutionary RamAir Duct Cleaning System, and the founder and president of Guarantee Cleaning Services Inc., a service company that offers carpet and duct cleaning, as well as the only Oriental rug cleaning plant in the state, east of the Cascades, in Bend, OR.

Why Clean Your Dryer Ducts

December 2013

Saving energy and money: Blocked vents cause the dryer to work harder which costs more and shortens the life of the appliance. Saving more energy: Cleaning a blocked or restricted vent system will reduce drying time. Excessive lint creates a fire hazard. Lint-filled dryer ducts are responsible for over 15,000 house fires annually in the US.” Increase the efficiency and life of your dryer.


RamAir Dryer Duct Cleaning

The RamAir Duct Cleaning system is highly effective and extremely easy to use. There are just 5 simple steps to using the system and seeing the results.




Introducing SaniJet: A duct sanitizing solution

Introducing SaniJet: A duct sanitizing solution

August 2014

RamAir ( has introduced a next-generation duct sanitizing solution in its SaniJet product, which works to coat duct walls thoroughly and evenly, with all of the disinfectant product going where it should be going. The product is an alternative to the traditional means of administering a chemical agent through ductwork and thereby having it disperse in other areas of the home, like on the carpet, walls, counters, etc.



How Do You Diversify? A Look at Add-Ons Worth Adding

July 2014

“Change is inevitable – growth is optional.”

It was Ralph Bloss who coined that phrase and it couldn’t be more relevant to a lot of cleaning companies out there today. That’s not to say that many carpet cleaners are still thriving in their markets by performing nothing more than the same services they originally began with, but in a world and an industry that’s constantly on the move, new services and add-ons can be something worth exploring. After all, the best-case scenario is adding more revenue and further establishing yourself as the leader in your market.

With that being said, here’s a look at some additional services that might be worth considering for your business:

Duct Cleaning

If you ask David Hart, Founder/CEO of RAMAIR, he’ll tell you that duct cleaning is the fastest growing segment in the cleaning industry, as homeowners are becoming more and more aware of indoor air quality and potential contaminants that can cause harm. He says it’s a $4 billion per year industry – and a largely untapped one at that.

“It’s so under saturated that industry professionals have estimated that there are about 50 carpet cleaners in an area per one duct cleaner,” he says.

And the potential profits make adding duct cleaning as a service to your cleaning business even more enticing. For instance, the typical charge to clean an air handler is anywhere from $45 to $65, about $35 each per return duct and $25 each per supply duct. So if you’re cleaning a home with 2 return ducts and 14 supply ducts, you’re looking at an additional $450 in revenue. And that doesn’t even include dryer vent cleaning – another service that can be accomplished with duct cleaning equipment – which can yield about an additional $100.

What’s more is that portable duct cleaning equipment comes with reasonable price tags in terms of investment when compared to other popular add-on services. And in addition to offering duct cleaning as a service to your current clientele, referral partnerships are there to be made with HVAC companies, real estate agents, home inspectors and home builders.

But just how difficult is duct cleaning? How easy is it to learn? How simple is the equipment to use?

The aforementioned are all questions that a cleaner needs to ask themselves before adding on any service, let alone duct cleaning. And as Hart will tell you, “If you can clean carpets, you can clean ducts.

“When you’re cleaning carpets, you’re dealing with pH, temperature, you’ve got fiber content, you’ve got different kinds of stains, you’ve got different solutions that react to different fiber and react to different stains. There’s a lot of science to carpet cleaning. But duct cleaning, it’s basically taking a dirty tube and turning it into a clean tube.”

Duct cleaning has the potential to be low-risk, high-reward. So would there be the commitment to promoting it and performing it well in your cleaning business?


Bio-cleaning – or crime scene cleaning, bio-hazard cleaning and trauma cleaning, as it’s also known – isn’t for everyone. But the fact is that someone has to do it.

Could it be you?

“A lot of people think, ‘Well I’ll get a bucket, a little bit of bleach and a rag and start washing it and that will be the end of it,’” says Patrick Paluga, Alliance Biohazard. “They don’t anticipate all the other things that are entailed in crime scene cleanup.”

Things like ensuring you have the training to successfully complete a job. Or things like knowing what PPE you need to wear, such as bio suits, gloves, eye googles and a respirator. In fact, Paluga says that many amateur bio-hazard cleaners actually leave more infectious materials than they take out, which creates a whole slew of problems.

Another problem that Paluga sees in the field is people not knowing where to get bio jobs.

“They may not have a problem getting that first job, but after that, how do you keep work coming in, what do you do to set up a connection so people know how to find you?” he says.

That’s where networking with entities like police departments and other emergency responders comes in handy. Even trucking companies have been good referral services for bio companies, as many natural deaths and suicides often occur in the cabins of semi-trucks.

So while bio-hazard cleaning might seem like easy money, you need to not only be prepared to professionally handle some of the scenes you’re going to encounter, but make sure you have the proper training, equipment and PPE to safely and effectively do the work.

Leather Cleaning

Of all the add-on serves that you can add to your cleaning company, leather cleaning might be the easiest to integrate. For starters, the up-front costs are small – all that’s really necessary are buckets, a brush, chemicals and taking the time to attend a class so you know how to identify the different types of leather and how clean each type properly.

Secondly, it’s recommended that consumers with leather furniture have items cleaned professionally at least once every 18 months, which makes it an ideal up-sell when you’re in the home cleaning an applicable customer’s carpets. Keep in mind that people love their leather furniture and want to keep it looking nice and new.

And lastly, leather cleaning has the potential to yield a very high return on investment. For instance, one type of leather – Nubick – is very expensive, which means cleaners can charge premium prices for cleaning such furniture. It’s not uncommon to make several hundred dollars for about an hour’s worth of work cleaning a Nubick piece of furniture.

If you clean in middle class and high-end neighborhoods, chances are you’re walking by leather furniture while you’re dragging the hose and cleaning wand around. Why not try to capture some of it? If you know what you’re doing and you perform the service well, you’ll not only add revenue to your company, but score brownie points with the customer too.

Furthermore, you might even consider taking your leather cleaning service a step further and adding leather repair or restoration. All that’s need is the proper know-how and a color repair kit. And while it can take a lot of practice to truly master leather repair, due to the demand for this service and the lack of people performing it, many cleaners have found they can charge high prices for this service as well.